What is a Pasty?

We know that Brooklyn boasts a colorful palate of gourmet delights. Now that comfort food is making a comeback, foodies crave something hot and filling in the winter months. However, one will have to walk far to find The Cornish Pasty Co. because it’s located in Tempe Arizona; definitely gives the southwestern something to brag about. When I went home for the holidays I was reminded that nothing like this exists in Brooklyn. I don’t know if anyone could do it quite as well….yet.

Full and Dirty

What is a pasty? To find out, we’d have to travel to Cornwall England, as far back at 1200. Mining was a thriving industry, and the miner’s wives had an important job; feeding their hubbies. They would bake a thick pastry dough and stuff it with two sides. One with meat, potatoes and the like, and the other with something sweet for desert. They even supplied a crimped handle on one side, because the miners would often have toxic arsenic on their hands. Afterwards, the miners could discard the leftover handle.

What a work of genius right?

The Cornish Pasty Co. sticks to this tradition, maintaining the integrity of the original pasty  “The Oggie” stuffed with steak, onions, potatoes, rutabaga. Good stuff.  However, they’ve jumped to the next level by moving from the classic “English meat pie,” to a hybrid of ingredients that somehow taste perfect in every pasty.

Try “Smoked salmon with dill and chives,  or “The Pilgrim”  which has turkey, sweet potato, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. My personal favorite; “Carne Adovada,” which is Mexican pork cooked in a red chili stew, with rice, hatch chilis, cheddar, and a very important side of sour cream and salsa.  There is guaranteed to be a pasty to suit everyone, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Yes. Please.

The Pilgrim

If you find yourself in Arizona, I highly recommend checking out The Cornish Pasty Co. There are two locations, same owner, same crew, both fabulous. There’s a great happy hour, beer selection, and they even offer pasties togo that you can bake at home (in case you want the full “miner experience.”)

Pasty dude.


Who is Skinnyfatchic?

She’s skinny, she’s fat, whats up with that? Actually, Elina just is a half Mexican chicana who, like the majority of you, loves food. While coming from an eclectic cultural background, she managed to secure a spot in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where dining is anything but just that. Upon re locating to an island in The Caribbean (Grand Cayman,) she’s continued to ask and answer life’s tough questions; How does one maintain an active lifestyle, dancing, crossfit, and more, while still enjoying a delectable array of the best eats, drinks, and sweets? Lets find out.

It’s a mad, mad  world, and someones got to eat it.