Spain, I like you.


When people hug you here, they really hug you.

  • It’s considered normal to eat ice cream throughout the day.
  • The cabs smell good.
  • A bottle of nice wine is $1.50 – really.
  • There is attention to detail everywhere I look – did someone say architecture?
  • Cappuccinos are made perfectly. Not too much milk, and perfectly frothed with the ideal amount of cinnamon.
  • There are streets so narrow, I can touch either side with my fingertips.
  • The eggs are big, and when cracked they reveal perfect, orange yolks. A deep, rich orange I have never seen in an egg.
  • When you order a drink, they let you mix it yourself. (A gin and tonic: your server brings out the bottle and glass, ┬ápours the gin in front of you until you give him the nod. Then sets a frosty bottle of tonic water next to it and walks away. The tonic looks like it’s from the 1930s.)
  • From 2pm-5pm, it’s standard nap time – everywhere.
  • I can eat 5 churros con chocolate, and still have room for ice cream and coffee…somehow.
  • The kids can dance better than me.